City On A Hill

We are indeed Light(s) and should remain lights everywhere even if we have to stand alone!
Thanks Sharon for sharing this.

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My dear friend had come visiting me from Lagos and we went to church together one of those evenings she was around and on returning home at night, as soon as we entered the gate to the quarters where I live, I looked around and began to lament about how we were going to sleep in darkness as I noticed there was no light from any of the houses around.

She was puzzled I said there was no light because she looked right ahead and saw this little provision shop opposite the house with a yellow electric bulb switched on and the seller in the shop even had his little T.V switched on. So herself looked around and noticed only the provision shop opposite the house had electricity that night amidst the other buildings in the quarters and she asked me why.
I showed her a telecommunication company’s mast just…

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Everything just seem blurry and no way ahead. Our leaders can’t repair common porthole talk much of our road networks. I wonder why they can’t be proactive rather than reactive.
See how dirty our streets are looking, mosquitoes and well-fed rats residing with us without charge. . . All their fault! No proper drainage system.

Doctors especially nurses are just misbehaving behaving like gods when they’re to be saving lives.

The teller guys and the so called customer service people 👫are just annoying! They just talk to people in a harsh manner. When they were seeking employment they spoke very nicely o but now they are bosses.

Children of nowadays are just unbecoming talking to their elders anyhow, no respect of any kind. They dress anyhow and their parents are just looking at them like they cannot do anything.

Adults are just acting like they know nothing, the way some talk nowadays will make you sick😷.

That’s how our leaders will be travelling out anyhow without listening to the voice of the people as if they put themselves there. Later they will say change begins with you.

Indomie that used to be #25 is now #60, even gala hmm . . . common pure water🌊 is now expensive. The price of everything is on the rise!
Everything is just somehow. . .
Well, God will help us.


What positive thing are you doing?
How many negative things have you contributed to the way things are right now?
Do you have the right to complain?
When last did you speak the truth?
When last did you pray?

Stop that bad habit and Do something!

Get Off the Traffic!

It happened one day that a child was fighting with someone that was defeating him already. His dad who’s a professional wrestler said, haven’t I told you to always call me when someone dares to fight with you?
He dad took up the fight and the rest is history . . .

Many us are like this child forget that someone has fought and is still capable of fighting for us.
If God be for us . . who dare be against us? Who or what?!

Why are you fighting a battle you know on your own you cannot finish let alone win? Why are you so engrossed with life issues that you make them weigh you down so badly? Why are you so cumbered with fear, discouragement, depression, anxiety, regrets, disappointments, shame, etc that you forget that someone who was able to cry the weight of THE WHOLE WORLD can carry yours anytime? (Psalm 46:1)


So you’ve started fighting yourself again this year and automatically others. Feeling bad about how you haven’t seen a green light yet, how you’ve lost your relationship again, how you’ve lost your job, how business doesn’t look good, how you feel you will not get it right again, how you haven’t gotten the job, how no business idea is coming, how, how, and how. . .
Why are you beating yourself so hard when the one who CONTROLS the world says BE STILL! And recognise, understand, believe, know, agree, trust, accept that I am God? (Psalm 46:10)


Stop fighting! Get off the traffic! Why do you enjoy being in traffic? Yes there is a delay or traffic or denial or disappointment, it’s obvious, yes. . .
But why decide to stay put in there?
Get off the traffic! Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the “traffic”.
Yes acknowledge the presence of issues but don’t regard them. . . it’s a fact that they are there but the truth is Jesus is ALWAYS with you as well, ALWAYS.

Don’t let these things get at you this year again, no no no, Stop Fighting! Be Still.
Let the One who controls everything and person and circumstance and issue step in. Step Off, Step aside, Get Off, Step Out!

The Lord All-Powerful is with you!
Be Still! Lay it all down, be still.
You will see and hear better and clearly when you’re still.
Let not your heart be clouded by all these unreal facts . . .
Hold on to The Truth, The Way, and The Life.
When some ways are proving stubborn, simply introduce them to The Way! When lies begin to flood your heart again, tell them about The Truth. When the fight is draining you, beckon on The Life!

It’s your year to breakforth and Shine but Stop Fighting. . .
Ain’t you tired of fighting?

Cause And Effect.

Cause And Effect.

Don’t look at her!
But why?
Because I don’t want you to look at her.
Tell me why. Don’t just look.
Tell me the reason. I have my reason, don’t just look! Period!
Can anyone relate?

This happened between a mother and her 6 or 7 years old son.
I secretly smiled where I sat when the young boy demanded for a reason not to look. I was however disappointed when his mum yelled and said, I have my reason, don’t just look!
Who says the boy doesn’t have his reason(s) for looking?

Myles Munroe in one of his numerous books said, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.
Our Lord Jesus whom we are striving to be like always told his followers then the “cause and the effect” of whatever counsel or advise He gave.
Check Deuteronomy 28, John 15: 1- 17. . .If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. But if you turn . . . Isaiah 1: 19-20.
Many of us parents, teachers, leaders, etc., tend to give instructions and expect them to be followed without saying the consequences of yielding or not.

The truth is when people know the consequences of their action they tend to reason well before choosing. Even though some still choose wrongly, we would have done well by spelling out the pros and cons           

Gone are the days when we were “indoctrinated” not counselled as it were. . .
We need to start educating people about the Word of God, their health, goals, and even morals. I am of the opinion that people will choose rightly if they know the consequences of their action and if they know they are responsible for their deeds.

Parents desire to help their kids grow avoiding the mistakes they made without telling them what led to their mistake.
They act as dictators and bodyguards. . .believe me, they’ll surely try out what you commanded them not to do in your absence.
Children, nowadays are extremely curious, inquisitive, creative, and innovative. . .Bless them. …


So, tell them and let them choose, don’t command or try to choose for them.
Jesus won’t do that . . .He is a good Shepherd that guards/guides but leaves us to our choices. . .expecting us to choose Life though #wink

Choose today who you want to be, a dictator or a good shepherd.

A Harmless Date.


Surprise!!!! He is here again!
If I were you I’d let Him in.
He’s never tired of knocking . . . so mindful of you, right?
A trial will convince you (this is not a marketing strategy). It’s the Truth!
There are many testimonies and I’m not an exception.  . .

He just wants a harmless date with you and that’s all, nothing more. Well, you will want more I can bet that #smile.

Are you not tired of trying to fix everything alone? How many have you successfully fixed?
Why don’t you go out with The Fixer?

You feel unworthy? Oh. . .no one is worthy but He loves that part because He can then make you worthy.
If everyone was worthy no one will need a Saviour. Meet the Maker and Re-definer.

You feel dirty and filthy? That’s ok, He moves around with just any kind of person. His relational and people-person skill is exceptional.
Meet the Cleaner and Lover. . .
Broke? Don’t worry He’ll foot the bills.
Meet the Provider. . .
Too weak to even go out? He’ll drive.
Meet the Macho Man–All Powerful.

You’ve tried so many dates but they’ve turned out maybe not harmful but uninteresting and annoying. You seem to be back at the same spot.
Give Him a chance.  . . He’s head-over-heels about you.
He’s been knocking.

Open Up!

I ran out of oil . . .

I ran out of oil . . .

Two friends set out on the same business separately and got called to meet with a dealer in a very far place away from their home. The idea was whoever got there first gets the deal.
So these two started preparing for the journey. Iyke and Dave decided to visit the mechanic’s workshop separately again; they concentrated solely on the outter body parts of their cars.
Then the day to set out came, Iyke was sure he would get to the dealer before Dave. He said, my car is faster than yours, I have been driving for too long a time, and I know all the “short routes”. Dave who started driving only two years ago doubted himself but was optimistic.

As they set out, Iyke was as fast as the wind, Dave went slowly.
Suddenly, Dave got informed that he had not checked his oil level so he decided to get that done before he gets too far into the journey. Iyke laughed at him when he was told and said, “you see, I don’t use cheap cars like yours, nothing can go wrong with the oil level of mine, see you at the top!”

After Dave finished with lubrication, he set out again but this time, faster because he felt he had lost so much time but the car was now fit.
10 minutes to the location of the dealer, Iyke had to stop as the brake of his car began to fail him and the engine shut down.
Yes you guessed right . . .
Dave met him there, overtook him, got to the dealer, and got the deal signed.
Iyke cried bitterly saying, I RAN OUT OF OIL!!!

Oil is an essential item for any automobile. It lubricates and keeps the engine going.
Iyke like so many people in this Christian race are overconfident and feel self sufficient. Rather than remove the log of wood in their eyes first they are busy removing pegs from others. They intimidate and oppress the so called “baby” Christians according to their definition rather than keep looking up to Jesus for strength for the race.


Dave knew he could only rely on God and His Word for the race and that kept him moving till he got the prize.

Friends, keep knowing and studying and doing the Word. Don’t become too familiar with it that you feel you know it all.
We’re in the same race but we cannot run it the same way.
So don’t become judgemental; many judgemental Christians will be dazed on Judgement Day especially when they see people they do not expect to see in heaven.


Don’t be like Iyke and Dave who thought the outward appearance is all that matters, the heart is the most essential part that interest God. When you forget the oil and you’re reminded, do something about it like Dave, the signs are always there.
Don’t hate or forsake correction.
Examine yourself daily to see if you are still on track. Keep oiling the heart as everything that is seen originates from there.
Guard your heart diligently with God’s Word.

It’s not how fast but how well that matters. Don’t run out of oil like the Five (5) foolish virgins. . .
Keep oiling your lamp, keep it burning.
Don’t be sorry when the Bridegroom comes. . . He will definitely come though He tarries. . .
While you wait, watch!

It cannot be hidden!


I know it’s been a while and I’m so sorry but guess what? It’s a new month!!!!!
And when I saw that bible verse I knew it’s going to be an awesome month.

Remember that it was in Antioch that the name Christian was given to “us” and it was so because they “saw” Jesus in them.
It was something that could not be kept under or covered. . .

So who do people see? You or Jesus? It will show, it cannot be hidden.
Ye are the light of the world. . . that cannot be hidden. Who is that light? Jesus some say, I agree. So ye are supposed to be the one portraying Jesus to the world. If you ain’t doing so, you have to check it.

This month God is going to be raising available lights for Himself that people will recognise! You wouldn’t have to introduce yourself.
Like my friend said, she was preaching to a cab man and the man said she speaks like a Pastor he knows without the knowledge that she’s a member of the Church he was referring to. Now that’s the Pastor somehow rubbing off on her. It should be same with us and Christ.

Dare to shine this month. People will try to shut you up or down like they did the blind man but SHINE all the more! People may not understand what you are doing but when your good works begin to glory the Father, they will say “he must have been with the Lord”
Remember what happened when Moses came down from the mountain? His face was so radiant they couldn’t look . . . they just knew!


You have to do what God’s calling you to do for Him. It’s the half of the year already. Your goals and aspiration and dreams given to you by God need to be worked on. Proclaim Him. . . Shine on!
No one will deny its radiance when seen. They will just RECOGNISE . . .

Happy New Month!