Happy New Beginnings!

Wow! It’s so good to be back here . . .

These past months I’ve been sitting and watching and trying to strategise but it’s been difficult, no wonder it was said by Jesus that “For apart from me you can do nothing” John 15:5. I kept looking and searching for my shoes hmm . . . I did try so hard. What do I do next? How do I cope with all the ups and downs? Job? Finances? Ministry? etc. Oh my self-esteem dropped as some point, I started believing in lies, I thought about giving up sometimes. You may ask what in God’s name was she passing through? A lot . . . you know that time in your life where everything seems not to be working right, you pray and it’s as though God’s gone on holiday to Las Vegas and He’s very busy. You pray for others and they share their testimonies and you feel left out. You want to pray or praise but feel weak, you cannot even eat well. Oh I wish someone could relate! I had the choice to give in and forget about all of these–life but God’s love restrained me! He kept me so I wouldn’t let go… Kurt Carr. Even in the midst of the heat God was preparing my deliverance, he was watching and providing all that I needed. I thought He wasn’t speaking but he struggled to because He never wanted to loose grip of me.

I’ll pause but believe me, this is for someone out there who has been dreaming of a particualr kind of life, who has started but cannot move on because he/she feels stuck, who has lost a relationship or a job or a loved one or a business and feel God is just too cruel to do this. God is on your Team! He never left. He said “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart” Jeremiah 1:5. It means you’re special to Him. He has not created you discrete you from Himself. He is making you “pass through” all that you are going through to make you better and wiser and stronger, to shine brighter than you can imagine, to be a testimony, to be closer and more beautiful.

I know you’ve heard this before but see this Ephesians 3:20 in Amplified version.

God gave me a New beginning–a fresh start and asked that I trust Him. He blessed me with friends that encouraged me and vice versa. Are you confused on what next to do? What type of business? Oh you’re a graduate and you’ve applied but got many “regret” mails? You’ve lost your self-esteem? You’re too scared to go into another relationship? You want to do God’s will but don’t know how? You’re broke? You lost a good friend or parent ? You’ve had a horrible past? Feel like an outcast? Feel stuck? You’re on the verge of giving up?

Oh please don’t! God is able to do all that He has planned and remember you are only “passing through” not staying in it. . . Time will past and you’ll get to your expected end. Trust Him (God), don’t be afraid of what the future holds yes, that’s not easy but consciously cast all your cares upon Him (AMP version). . . Don’t try to figure it all out (MSG version), that’s His job description. He planned it and know which methods work best don’t you think so?

Speak words to yourself, God’s words, even when you don’t want to; they are refreshing and encouraging. Start again, He’s willing to help you. Pick yourself up and believe again. . . Keep holding on. . .Hang in on there, help is on the way…Make genuine friends. . You can be who you desire to be. . . You can do it. . . You can make it… You can be the best . . the devil is a liar! What God has for you is for You.

A New beginning is here for you because God says so! Trust Him all the way..

You are Loved!


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