At one point or the other we will all die and anything can kill us. Some say it can happen by a car accident or an health issue or sleep or gun etc. Honestly, I do not desire to argue about it because it is somewhat true.

Ever heard of Dementia? Sure some have and if you have no idea please check here for all the details you need. It is not a normal part of ageing but it majorly affects older people. There’s been a lot of sad stories about our aged especially in underdeveloped and developing countries; some developed countries are either still in the dark about dementia or finding it difficult to manage it. My loving grandmother for instance, died without us realising that dementia was the issue aside diabetes.

Over 47.5 million people live with dementia worldwide and the prevalence of dementia is projected to increase in the nearest future. Dementia has a whole lot of symptoms which if not properly diagnosed might lead to complications or death. My grandmother was a very hardworking woman but she began to lose her memory, she could not recognise her kids, said awkward things, and acted strangely. Yes some people might say it’s normal for old people to be like that but I have also heard of healthy aged people in their 100s and some even died very healthy. demen

The issue today is addressing how we should understand our aged and take proper care of them. Although not fully confirmed, it is suspected that there is a relationship between vitamin D and dementia. One of the reasons is because the production of vitamin D occurs in several areas in the brain. If that be the case why do we not try balancing the vitamins in our bodies until it is confirmed? Vitamins and minerals are necessary for body building, however, supplements can be dangerous to our health.

Proper exercise and sleep could also help reduce the risk of dementia so people need to start sleeping “properly”. I am not a fan of sleeping-pills as it’s side effects are not friendly. . . Work hard but rest very well.

In a nutshell, adults especially older adults should be given adequate and proper attention when they begin to show signs of dementia. Do not see their situation as “nemesis catching up with them” or a “spiritual curse” or a “burden” to you. It’s hard for dementia-patients already that they cannot remember things or who they used to be or love, yelling at or ignoring them will only make it more difficult for them. If you cannot take proper care of them for whatever reasons (which is not so cool), send them to a home where they will recieve adequate care and treatment.

We will all die one day by something but let’s not die without showing love. Remember we will all age at some point and will require help and care. . . So give help to a dementia patient today. Become a dementia friend today.

Eat healthy, sleep properly, grow properly, and stay healthy!


For more information on dementia:


One thought on “Dementia Friend

  1. This is a great write up. ‘Nifesimi has given us a real issues to get concerned about. Not for us to panic, fret or be frightened but for us to take our health serious.
    Dementia is a source of major concern worldwide. Researchers are working tirelessly to bring a solution to this matter .
    Great piece!!


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