It’s like perfume when slightly sprayed, it diffuses and fill up the room with its fragrance.
It is like tradition/culture once accepted by two or three, it becomes a norm.
It is like smoking or drinking once tasted, addiction is a probability.
It is like music once launched and loved, it goes viral.
It’s like a seed once planted and nourished, it germinates into a big tree. . .

It is also like Wickedness! Once taken “on board”, it becomes an attitude and uneasy to let go. It does not start in a day, it’s a gradual process. It does not always come in a bad form, it is always coated like cakes.

It grows and is passed on.
Adults act wickedly nowadays without the thought of its ripple effect on young ones. Well, they have their decisions to make some may say but who’s their teacher? Marriages/Homes are wrecking, leaders careless, employers are hard-hearted, racisim increasing, poverty on the rise, churches are separating, etc, all these are born out of wickedness you know? Youung ones today behave in like manner making reference to their predecessors. . .I thought everyone understood this phrase “Like father like son”, why then pass on a disaster?
Wickedness is waiting to explode; it is forceful and destructive. Like whirlwind, wickedness is sweeping off lovely and good hearts away from our communities and the world at large. Love is diminishing,  hatred unknowingly, is the order of the day causing a lot of the killings we now experience. The heart of a man is “desperately” wicked who can know it?


One good thing I’ll say about wickedness is that it seeks permission before it comes in. You may ask how? Well, choice! We are faced with so many choices everyday: good and bad.
Why not then consider the cost of the harm a wicked heart can cause and choose good?
Why not choose peace rather than war?
Why not choose love rather than hate?
Why not agree than conflict?
Why not accept than disregard?
Why not join than separate?

Check your heart today, check your motive.
Give love, Embrace love, and Share it; It will cost you nothing but peace.
Give hope to our generation and the next after us.


4 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. Wickedness…hmm

    This is a momentary insight indeed.

    And the uninteresting part is “the gravity of wickedness has now been toned down due to acceptance by virtue of its ubiquity”

    Wickedness is a lie that has gone on rampage, and thus been taken as “normal”

    And that’s the devil’s last strategy;

    Painting the “obviously wrong” and presenting it as right.

    Love has equally been painted, and thus misunderstood by many. Love’s intriguing core such as “not self-seeking” and “does not insist on its own right” have been cunningly waved off (even in the church).

    He that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the church. God help us.

    Bless you ‘Nife…

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  2. Showing love is very essential in our daily living. When we continue to show love to people who are wicked we heap hot coals on their head


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