Irony of Life

I was just looking around and I realised that too many things happen that are ironical.
Someone finishes with a First Class or Second Class Upper honours and is still in the “job-hunting” business or have to settle for a meagre job. Those with the other type of grades are either changing jobs or choosing which one to accept. Some people have the financial capability but cannot produce a child of their own while those in the low and middle socio – economic class are busy “rearing”children. Some very well-to-do people are struggling with one illness or the other. Some faithful people got married late and are still battling with child birth.
Lovely and amazing people die at young ages while the “interesting” and “troublemakers” tend to live longer. The wicked are set free and the righteous judged unjustly. A nation with so much  Oil and Gas to even spare to other nations is deficient of what they produce, how is that?

Hmm . . . . The question now is, is God unaware  of all these happenings? No is the answer. Then why? That I wouldn’t like to dwell so much on because even some people in the bible days had their share. . . Their reward was given though which is the good part.
Where I am going is, no matter your state whether in the privileged or “injustice” side, continue to do what is right. It always pay off. It has always paid off. Whatever your hand find to do . . . Do it with all your might.

I see people mismanaging their “opportunities” because they had it without a single struggle. Be wise!
You’ve got kids? Treat them well, remember some are still looking for and will be grateful with even a disabled one. You’ve got a job? Do your best to keep it and help others. You’re in a leadership position? For God’s sake lead well and justly, Be kind and thoughtful of others. Remember all you have was given. You are unique with all of your abilities and weaknesses as well but if you refuse to use them rightly, it could be taken away.

So whatever side of the coin you’re in today, do your best to be the best. The irony of Life shouldn’t weigh you down or “puff” you up. It should only challenge you, it doesn’t last for a long time. . . Don’t wallow in your low state and expect things to happen, don’t also get carried away with your luxury and expect no reward. . . The irony of Life always come knocking.
Be wise!


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