It marvels me when some people say “It’s my nature, that’s me”. I’m like why take pride in something destructive and bad?
God gets angry some say . . . yes He does but He does not get angry for too long, at everything, very easily, or a without purpose. I truly feel sorry seeing people with anger issue. Many have because of little things destroyed their marriage, children, friends, job, and even their destiny.

I once heard of a couple who found it hard to agree on things. The wife always snapped at the husband at every little thing. This particular day, something happened and the husband requested that she apologised but she refused. The issue got worse that they were at the verge of divorce so they decided to visit a minister for counselling. When the wife was asked she said, this and that happened and my husband said I should say “sorry” but I wouldn’t because he is the one to say “sorry”. The husband was also asked and he said the same thing. The counsellor then asked how many people they’ve told their issue to and it’s amazing to know they’ve told more than 20 people. The counsellor, embarrassed at their “foolishness” asked, do you know how many times you’ve said “sorry” while telling your story to me not to talk of to others? Oh! that sorted it peeps. They realised how foolish they were and reconciled.


Foolishness is honestly everywhere now. Many flare up like wild-fire over little things and they lay blame on their “nature” when God has given us authority over everything including anger. I know it is not easy but Rome was not built in a day, you have to make conscious effort to eradicate it.

Some even glory in their foolishness. They say things like “I didn’t take it easy on her, I gave it to her straight away”, “You should know me by now i don’t take nonsense, I am easily angered and that’s me”, “I can’t help but talk, I must not be taken for a ride”, “I’m no fool, I act immediately” Imagine?
I’ve heard of parents scolding their kids out of anger and the aftermath wasn’t good at all. Husbands out of anger beating up their wives, wives killing their husbands, children killing their parents, siblings killing one another, employees losing their jobs, people missing their contracts/jobs, beautiful relationships distorted, wars breaking out, people paying unexpected fine, etc all borne out of anger.
Please who’s paying for all the damage?
Why look stupid during arguments when you can calmly resolve issues?

You have the power over your emotions, over anger, so work on yourself. Don’t leverage on your weakness. In our weakness God is our strength and you can do ALL things including curbing and subduing your anger through Christ Jesus that strengthens you!

So, are you a fool?


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