The Golden Rule.

I went to process my driver’s license some days ago. Although I had all that was required of me and even passed the test, I had a little assistance from a family friend who happens to be working at the licensing office (she was only guiding me through). I did not feel bad about the assistance she was rendering to me until it almost got bad.
At  some point, people were being attended to due to their association with workers  so others got upset and roared. I silently prayed in my heart saying “God please I don’t want to be a part of this, do something”. I’ve always been an advocate of due process and no corruption. As far as I am concerned, when someone somewhere who came in late is attended to before others who got there earlier before, it is corruption.
After I said that prayer, the woman in charge decided to follow due process; she suggested that people be attended to as they came.  I was very excited when this happened. Deep down within me I confirmed again that God listens to even the silent prayers of His children. Every one committed to Him, He tries to keep off from hurting Him. . .Amazing!


Corruption is everywhere and very enticing. Anyone that cannot restrain him/herself will be a victim. Taking advantage of situations or people is unfair. You have an appointment and cannot stand a long queue? then go early. You can even refuse being assisted unduely at the expense of others; people will call you names but stand, it’s better. Don’t because of your relationship with whoever is in charge decide to walk in anytime thereby cheating others. Do not confuse corruption or favoritism with favour decieving yourself.
Do unto others what you expect them to do to you . . .
As lights, we must show people how things are supposed to be done not join them in unjust acts.
Don’t see corruption as it being only “up there” among leaders or highly placed people or in financial issues, it also exist in the little things that we do.
Refuse to be a part of it!


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