Faith or Guess?

Seat partner:  Oh there isn’t traffic at all by this time wow! I’m surprised and impressed.
Me:  It’s an answer to my prayer, I said.
Seat partner:  I hope it continues this way till we get to our homes.
Me: Amen.

After some miles . . .

Seat partner:  It’s like the answer to your prayer did not affect this place.
Me:  Ehrrrm. . . I’m sure God is working on it.
Seat partner: Wow! I love that . . . your faith.

After some more miles.  . .

Me:  He sorted it out.
Seat partner: That’s why I didn’t say anything #smiles
N.B: The seat partner is a non-believer.

The above conversation occurred while I was in transit some days ago heading home.
After I became on my own in another bus, I thought there was traffic due to the slow movement of the bus so, for some seconds I said “God please don’t allow this traffic”. Then I remembered that I told someone earlier that God will work on it till we got home. Suddenly, I became challenged in my spirit, was it really faith then or you guessed?

Many at times we do guess-work rather than exercise faith. Our God is very interesting that He sometimes allow us have our way so that we think our “faith” really worked. Instead of solely depending on God without an iota of doubt in us, we guess and expect things to happen.

This is just a reminder that we must truly remain faithful to and dependent on God . . . hope unswervingly (1 Corinthians 13: 13 MSG).

Remember the story of the man who told Jesus, I believe Lord, help my unbelief? He must have heard about Jesus’s ability to heal people and that he could heal his son as well but wasn’t too sure. That’s the way some of us including myself behave. We’ve heard stories of people getting blessed or healed by God even people close to us. We might even be strong enough to believe God on behalf of others. However when it comes to our own challenges, we find it difficult to believe and begin to guess. . .Will He do it?  God might or If God decides to well. . . If God chooses to have mercy on me well. . .
Hmm, I’m not displacing God’s will but I’m emphasising continuous and firm faith in Him. Some of us have the gift of encouragement for others but it goes into recess when we need it ourselves.
Let faith arise in you today; whatever He says He will do He will definitely do it. It might seem  delayed or like He hasn’t answered your numerous previously asked requests.
Believe me, He is working on it!
Be deliberate about your faith in Him, it could help someone’s faith as well.
Ask for Grace when you feel weak.
We cannot win life’s challenges without God by our side.

Why not totally trust in/depend on Him today and see what He will do?


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