Happy New Month: Work At Living in Peace



I’m excited to see this month, it’s a privilege I do not want to take for granted. I believe it’s going to be an amazing month. A month we will all experience God’s greatness in every aspect of our lives when we call Him (Jer 33:3 AMP).
In fact, miraculous and wondrous things, God will wrought in our lives . . .
He has been good to them . . is what people will be saying about us in Jesus Christ’s name.
This month all our dreams and projects and aspirations will be brought to the limelight and fulfilled. There will be safe deliveries . . .

Just follow peace with all men and remain holy. . . no man can see God without them. Those are our bus ticket or identity pass or permit or license to seeing God at work in us this month.
Hebrews 12: 14 is not only talking about seeing God in heaven, it can happen here on earth as well and in all ramifications. We see and feel Him during worship, prayer, in our academics, jobs, businesses, marriages, etc.

Keep a clean slate before God and man.
I saw something on LinkedIn this morning “you don’t have to be right all the time, seek peace” [paraphrased]
A lot of things will be thrown at us this month as usual, just ensure you continue to live right and in peace before God and man. I am not saying you should keep quiet when you see the truth. I’m saying speak the truth in love and with wisdom so that peace will be the end result.

This month work at living in peace then call on God and wait for the manifestation of great things. . . even things you wouldn’t be able to figure out yourself  (Jer 33:3 MSG)

Happy New Month!


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