Praise On.

You know I’ve always heard that the birds of the air sing unto God and even the trees of field. The mountains, hills, rocks, etc, as well.
I also realised that the rain drops also do likewise. I was just listening to the rhythm the rain drops gave this morning and I was like wow!
Well as a music inclined person, I feel good when I hear things trying to make melody, i just begin to move my body and even add to the flow.
But wait a minute, if non – living things effortlessly make melody unto God that created them, what are you living and created in God’s image still waiting for? 
Let the praise begin!
Praise Him through the storm, praise Him when you’re happy. Praise Him anywhere and any day, in fact, everyday. As long as you have breath, Praise Him because in His presence, there is fulness of joy and His right hand are pleasures forevermore . . .Psalm 16:11.
Give God your best today.

Praise On!


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