Iron Woman

Ladies and women should read this. . .

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The term Iron woman is usually used to describe a “tough” and “strong willed” woman. The likes of Magaret Tatcher the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom and some other female heads of governments around the world in the past were referred so because of their toughness and today we still nick name some ladies after this term. Iron women are usually characterized by stubbornness, anger, an attitude that always wants to always usurp authority and be in control, bitterness, pride, etc. They could be very unapproachable and their smiles are hoarded, reserved for very special occasions alone and trust me you dare not offend them.


Now don’t get me wrong here, if a woman strong, independent, disciplined, guided by the right principles and firm in her disposition, it doesn’t make her an iron woman, these are actually great qualities that should guide a woman who would be…

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