Macho Man


I was troubled in my spirit this morning in fact since yesterday night like never before. I had different thoughts about a task I had ahead of me. I tried confessing that God will sort me out and even if He chooses not to this time, I’ll still trust Him. I was proud to be able to say that, I felt my faith has increased.
Alas! another thought came like, are you giving God an ultimatum? Who are you to give God a deadline? But I was like He said I should decree a thing and it shall be established. I became ok but something popped up again. Are you doubting His ability? I answered No. Why then the use of if? I was encouraged to switch to praise which I tried and went to bed.
However, this morning,these thoughts started again. I started telling God how weak and unprepared I was about the task ahead of me and guess what? He gave me this passage Romans 8:26! Isn’t God amazing?

The HolySpirit, His sweet gift to us, capable of strengthening, and filled with all the right words and attitudes. He reminded me of the “Macho Man” I have in my life and I felt at rest. God preinformed of our weaknesses, sent His Spirit to take our weakness and replace it with His strength. I’m so in awe of Him. With His Spirit All things will and are working together for our good Romans 8:28 . . . Awesome!

What are you battling with today?
The Macho Man is around to strengthen and work everything for your good. The peace of God is what He possesses. He exchanges our worries with worthy thoughts, our pain with health, sadness for joy, ashes for beauty, shame for glory, and burden with rest.
Make a call today and He’ll be right there!

God bless you real good.


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