See? you’ve got no Excuse.


I was tempted and couldn’t help myself.  . . Oh you weren’t made to help yourself though.
It’s impossible to overcome temptation . . . It is! Joseph, despite the fact that he wasn’t in the time of the Holy Spirit,  did overcome–he fled. Daniel and his friends? Jesus? Jesus is God, yes, but He was human then!
Well. . . I tried but my husband is just too annoying, my wife nags a lot, my children are just naughty, she pushed me, he hurt me so bad with his words, I just couldn’t, the time was just too short or too fast, etc.

In all honestly, we are short of excuses. He won’t give us more than we can handle and even when it seems unbearable, He will find us an escape route . .  . so why can’t we just hold on to His words and help? Oh my flesh is weak, sure thing. Nevertheless, He sympathises with us that’s why His strength is made perfect in our weakness hmmmm. . .

Go through life holding on to His words and you will come out victorious.  Don’t try to act all-powerful.  Remember, let him who thinks he stand Take Heed lest he falls. If there was no tendency of a fall Jesus wouldn’t have said that. So please, take heed, rely on the help of the “Macho Man ” available(The HolySpirit), walk in the Spirit so that you’ll not give in to the desires of the flesh, and enjoy being tempted, really?
Yes, because temptation when conquered makes you wiser, stronger, and better!

Don’t blame anyone no more. . .
Stand for holiness,
Stand for righteousness,
And be counted among them that shall reign with Him –Donnie McClurkin

No more Excuse!


8 thoughts on “See? you’ve got no Excuse.

  1. We must come to a place of personal responsibility as regards everything and anything that happens to us…God is never at fault neither is that supposed friend…This will make us better people and the earth a better place,Excusing ourselves or giving excuses belittles the mandate given 2 man at creation and recreation.

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