He’s in it all.

It’s been a mixture of extremely great, great, good, and not too good these 21 days of September.
I realised that through my tough days God had been watching and following up on me. He’s been confirming my heart cries with prayers prayed in church and through encouragement from friends and strangers.
This has made me smile and confident that I have a God that truly sees and knows and is genuinely involved with me and “worried about me” (concerned) as well.
What really amazed me was a prayer I said in church one evening about Him helping me to sort out an issue I had earlier in the day. Before I got back to my home that day, He had already worked on it! I was so surprised, I didn’t have to talk or act so much because He took charge. I was reminded of that verse that says before you ask . . . while we’re yet speaking . . .Isaiah 65:24.


I used to wonder how that can be true but honestly, it is true.
I also recall an incident that happened some 2 years ago. I was hurrying somewhere and I needed a bus ASAP so that I won’t be late. As I was getting out of my gate I saw a bus leaving and I was like Oh dear Lord! Just immediately, I said you can still help me please. . .Do you know that as I crossed the road to the other side, another bus was waiting for me? The driver just parked, rested his hands on the steering, and was looking through a newspaper. The best part is that immediately I sat down in the bus, the driver shut the door and took off. I was like wow!!! The driver might be taking a break but God made him take it when I needed it!
I couldn’t hold it I said, thanks Jesus!

Sincerely, God is in it all. He was even in the heart of the driver working through him for me. That’s the way I see it don’t mind me; God’s just amazing! He’s in The good, the bad, the ugly, and the unexplainable #smiles. He sees and hears and works. His answers can be prompt or slow as the case may be but He is working; I am a living proof. He might not have answered all my prayers but He has answered most of them even the silently prayed or “jokingly” or “grudgingly” said ones (Merciful God).

God sees and knows the tiniest of our worries and is ready to settle us.
Don’t give up on Him now . . . you’ve come too far to back down or out now. Keep asking.  . . He cares a lot about you and is ready to act. .
Hold On. Before you finish speaking, he’s heard (Isaiah 65:24 MSG).

Be Encouraged!

Want to share how you’ve seen God at work in your life?  Please do, It will definitely encourage others including me. . .


2 thoughts on “He’s in it all.

  1. this came at the right time….yesterday I was so angry with God….like he wasn’t answering my prayers…..was questioning him, gave up yesterday and even ignored the link sent by nifemi….but thank God I opened it this morning…my spirit has been lifted and my faith has been restored… God bless you dear….

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    1. I’m encouraged by your comment Ibukun. You know what? Just start praising God for answers to your prayers. . . do the opposite of what the devil expects. . . you’ll be dazed how your faith will rise.
      Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength . . . Please wait (it’s not easy though but you must do your best). It will add glamor to your testimony.
      God is still in the business of settling His children.
      So even if it tarries, wait for it, it will come!


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