It is not a Waste.

Whatever your hands find to do, do it cheerfully as unto the Lord . . . Let’s take a look at the life of Joseph Jacob. While Joseph was locked up in the prison  by Potiphar in Chapter 40 of Genesis (you can read it in your spare time), he was appointed to be in charge of other prisoners. I have read the passage before however, when I read it again some days ago I realised that Joseph was in his best behaviour even in the prison. He kept at doing good which I believe earned him his job while in the prison. He had several things that could make him restrain from being the Joseph that Jacob and God loved so much but he knew where he was going.


Many a times we get weary in doing good which might not totally be our fault.
You may be working and getting little pay or recognition and because of that you start putting little or no effort to your task. You probably have tried to be the best man or lady/woman in your marital life but you always get taken advantage of. Have you started any business and it looks like no one is patronising you despite the low price you’re giving out? You’ve stood for the truth and it seems not to be paying off, in fact, you’ve got into trouble. You’ve tried to be nice to people but you’ve got stabbed in the back. You’ve applied for jobs and no employer is inviting you over for a test. Whatever category you fall into, be steadfast and unmovable.

Joseph had a choice to turn from being good to something else but he held on and it brought him a great reward. He learnt a lot that helped him later in his role as the Prime Minister.
So keep at whatever good your hands find to do, it might feel humbling or frustrating or tiring but it will pay off in the end. Though it tarries, wait for it . . .

It can never be a waste.
God be with you.


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