Don’t be weighed down (No Excuse Part 2)

After having a real and rigorous discussion with my friends about one of our friends, I sat to think it through. Our friend has has been acting all weird and unstable recently and all I kept saying was “She’s got no excuse” (didn’t mean to sound mean, just said that based on what I know about her).

Everyone has got their ups and very down times, you’ll only get to know if you’re told. The only difference between a christian and a non-christian is how they handle their down moments. Many people carry this “I’m good, Praise God” face but back in their closet they’re weeping and asking God for help.
An example is Joseph (how I love him). Another one is Paul, if he didn’t write it in one of his books we wouldn’t know that the Almighty, eloquent, enthusiastic, and super-evangelist had a thorn in his flesh! What made them exceptional is how they handled their situations. Joseph still kept on doing good as he knew how to do (Genesis 40); Paul didn’t stop caring for his friends or the church because of his situation. They didn’t transfer aggression, or allow it to weigh them down but they kept on with their faith and trust in God.

Yes everyone cannot be on the same level per time in this race. That’s why the strong people are admonished to help the weak. . Romans 15:1.


What if the weak refuses to be helped someone may ask? Pray for them and keep doing your best. Don’t leave them to it.  .  . Jesus did not give up on you.
Show them love, encourage, and build them up Romans15:2-7.

To those who feel weak, you’re strong! Don’t be discouraged or weighed down by your situation. Truth is, you’re the not the first person to pass through that road neither will you be the last (that’s how I encourage myself). So try to encourage yourself in the Lord like David did. Seek good friends and godly counsel, read inspiring books, read the Word, praise, have fun as much as you can, and avoid being on your own all the time.

Each and every one of us will give account of our actions and reactions Romans 14:12; you cannot say it was because of this that I did that. 


Hope deferred can make the heart sick, yes, but please hold on. Trust in the Lord . . . With all of your heart Proverbs 3: 5-6.

Don’t be weighed down. . . No more excuses.
Just trust . . . Help is on the way . . . This too shall pass.

You’re loved!


6 thoughts on “Don’t be weighed down (No Excuse Part 2)

  1. Thank you Nifesimi for this inspiration. Again very practical. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. We can choose to be joyfull all the time whatever our circumstance because we have the Holy Spirit, we do not have excuse.

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