Rock of Gibraltar


Hi everyone,
I couldn’t wait to get back to you all.
These past 5 days has been incredible; I lost my phone. Initially, i was okay with the fact that my phone was missing  i thought someone will be generous to return it but after two days of expectation, I gave up.

I was worried about people contacting me plus I was to be interviewed via phone call. I was like Oh God! What is all this?
Truth is, I trusted God, I decided to enjoy the very small phone my mum “borrowed” me #wink
You know it wasn’t easy for me as a lot has been going on with me lately but those words “Trust me” kept me going.

Guess what? I managed to get my interview done and expected a response. God did it! I was given a “massive phone” like i call it and i excelled on the same day! I was overwhelmed that I said dear Lord you are magnificent!
God is indeed reliable and dependable. He is a huge rock that one can sleep on with both eyes closed.
Just like we trust the pilot to fly us to our destination, we fasten our belts without asking if the plane is OK, we must learn to trust God recklessly.

Trust our Rock of Gibraltar today, He stands sure, He has never failed before, and He never will!

God be with you.

2 thoughts on “Rock of Gibraltar

  1. When we put our trust in Him, He will never fail… This is the best choice in life which gave us confidence to sleep with both eyes closed… He is our Pathfinder…

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