A Roof Over Your Head

I love rain so very much (don’t crucify me please #smiles), however this morning as I was about complaining about the heat that was generated by the rain, this dropped in my mind and I shushed immediately!

A roof over your head . . .

You slept in your room, on your bed without sharing, you could roll about and change positions without any rain drop falling on you, really? You should be more thankful. When rain falls, the birds of the air cannot entirely hide from it. In fact, I saw one the other day and I was so moved I said God please stop the rain . . . it was very cold, it curdled itself.


You can imagine that bird surviving on one dry branch . . . poor bird. And you dare complain of a leaky roof or a bad/flooded road?
Oh please, mend your roof and clean your surroundings so it doesn’t harbour dirt and water. Cleanliness is next to godliness . . .
Many would just appreciate sleeping under a leaky roof than the rain falling directly on them.

Some of us worry about a lot of things, we say stuffs like “if only” when the day itself has its own worries. If God can protect the birds of the air from falling ill after every rainfall, sunshine, snow, hurricane, hailstone, name it! Why won’t He take care of your every need? Cast your ALL to Him.
We must begin to see the little things God has and is still doing for us and be grateful.

You have a


Then say


God bless you.


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