His Command made easy (Macho man II)

The service ended and I was talking to God about what I needed as I was about leaving.

When I boarded the second bus, I started feeling strange. I was like Oh no! Not now please, I just want to get home. I kept fighting with the voice inside of me. I brought out the tract and paused again, I asked how will I do it? They are tired and probably just want to get home and eat like me, maybe next time. . .
All that continued until a lady made it known that she will alight soon. Oops! my heart started racing. . . Oh God please help me, it’s your command and I don’t want to be insubordinate, that was my prayer.
Taadar! He helped me!

As the lady was preparing to alight I gave her  two tracts, one for the next person beside her and the other for herself. After reading the title of the tract (Which government is in charge), the women beside me said, God is in charge of all; He’s the one in charge of all governments. I smiled and said I thought you’ll mention the name of our President. She declined and reaffirmed that it is God.
From there we continued talking about God then I invited her for a medical outreach and helped her with her phone issue.

Then the voice came again and said, you see, it’s that simple! I made the road free as you asked and helped you to do my command against all odds.
My Macho man at work right? I replied.


God is truly interesting and amazing, He gives a command and provides the help (Macho Man) to do His command.
What is He asking you to do today?
All you need do is surrender and obey! His “commands” are not burdensome, don’t be weary, grace is available.

Be inspired!


5 thoughts on “His Command made easy (Macho man II)

  1. Way to go gurl! That’s the spirit! It truly isn’t difficult to obey,when we trust God for help. We just need to be willing,and to ask Him for help when it seems difficult.

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