Missionary Eyes ~

Joseph saw with those eyes (missionary eyes) even while he was in prison. He had the passion to always want to help; he could even sense it when the cupbearer and the baker were sad. What an amazing man! Lord help me to see beyond me and to be like you, desiring that all men should be saved.
Jesus with the full knowledge that He was going to die still went about doing good. Oh Lord Burn in me! Give me those eyes of yours I pray thee.
Thank you.
Are you sensitive enough?
How well is your light shining?

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Light Shine ~ CHRISTian poety by deborah ann

Lord, help me to see,
with missionary eyes
so I may observe . . .
other’s heartfelt cries.

Let me bring hope,
to someone today
by showing to them
the Life and the Way.

Let my inspire,
just one, if You will
how they can learn
to wait and be still.

Send someone to me,
who feels all alone
so I may show them
the way to the throne.

Give me a chance,
to help carry a load
so someone’s burden
I can help unload.

Lord, give to me,
missionary eyes
let me be the light  . . .
to the heart that cries!


Matthew 5:16

“Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

King James Version
by Public Domain

Copyright 2015
Deborah ANn Belka

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