Just in time. . . .

Oh! You’ve been made to start from the scratch. . . .what a humble beginning, God will take you to greater heights!
Those were the words from my friend when I discussed an issue with him.
I was encouraged by his prayers, nonetheless, i was not satisfied.
Back at home I began to reminisce and soliloquise . . . I was like God what are you trying to do or teach me? I was almost crying when this scripture dropped in my spirit
Jeremiah 29:11


Not long after that, another came to mind and I became elated. I said, He’s just on time! He keeps to time, He knows the times, in fact, He owns the time! He’s such a loving friend. Our refuge . . .a very present help . . . Psalm 46:1


Where are you now?
Do you feel you are not where you ought to be?
Did you set goals at the beginning of the year and you’ve not accomplished any despite your hard work?
What are the things making you feel so downcast?
Why not lend a leaf from David the Psalmist? . . .but David encouraged himself in the Lord . .  . 1Samuel 30:6.
He knew God’s love and plan for him. He loved, held on, and trusted Him. . .

Why not trust the One who in His compassion deemed it fit to take you to where you are currently and can also decide to take you beyond here and now?

Lean on Him.
God be with you!
Merry Xmas in advance!


5 thoughts on “Just in time. . . .

  1. Related to your title “Just in Time” as I was perusing another blog today they shared Deut 1:6.
    I’ve held myself back by clinging to the boat & not remembering Jesus has a Jeremiah 29:11 already in place for me (for each of us!)

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