Happy Thanksgiving!



There are a lot of things to be thankful for.
Recently, some people gathered together to thank God for the successful completion of their Christmas decoration and I was like really?!
Later this morning I thought about it deeply and I concluded that their thanksgiving was worth it.
Some climbed, some made use of sharp objects, used electrical appliances, did the planning, etc but there were NO casualties.
Isn’t that enough to thank God?

I asked God to please fix me, build my confidence, trust, and love this year. Honestly, even though I still struggle with the trust issue, He has been working on me.
It was tough at the beginning of the year for me but believe me I’m wiser, stronger, and better!
Was out of employment for a while but I’ve been provided for without having to beg.
I enjoy what I do now but I know He’s taking me to somewhere greater . . . I’m grateful.
Many have been my afflictions but God sorted them out!
Although I’m still expecting a lot from God, I’m grateful for all He’s done so far. 


Words cannot express how much I appreciate Him for my friends and family members.
There have been graduations, promotions, wedding ceremonies, child naming, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, change of jobs, including challenges, name it. . .
God has been good!

It’s that time of the year again when we thank God together so feel free to dig up reasons to be thankful and share with us here. . .

A grateful He will make fat. . .
Be thankful!


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Very inspiring, I’ve actually being fighting with some issues, but reading your words made my day refreshed… He, Almighty God truly keeps to time and makes everything beautiful at that appointed time… Cheers.

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