A Vessel for Christmas

It’s amazing how we remember our old [new] but lovely pots and utensils during festive periods.
Today while we were preparing for Christmas, my mum decided to bring some lovely bowls so that we will dish food in them. I was immediately reminded of this passage 2Timothy 2: 20 and I said wow . . . these are for special occasions right?


It’s the same with the ass that was used during Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The ass had been tied for a long time until its appointed time. It was still useful when it was needed.

God found Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as vessels unto honour.
Jesus who knew no sin was seen and used as a vessel for salvation and that’s why we celebrate Christmas today. He came to reunite us back to our Friend and Maker; He redesigned us to be fit for a relationship with God. He remained a beautiful useful vessel here on earth until his death.
He left giving a mandate– a vessel He can use for the reconciliation of others.
What kind of vessel are you? Dishonour or honour?
Like those bowls it’s good for us to be used on special occasions, however, our special occasion is everyday. . .

Why do you celebrate Christmas? Are you still a vessel for Christmas (Christ)?
Think on this . . . don’t just wine and dine
Let Jesus break, remould, and make your vessel new and fit for His use if necessary.

. . . Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016 in advance. . .


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