Way Maker– Happy New Month

It feels amazing to finally see the last month of the year not because it’s the Christmas month but because it’s been a long wonderful journey.
I’m excited because it’s my month of birth and that of Jesus Christ. Welcome to December!

I thought to myself what will this month signify aside Christmas? This was the answer I got.

This morning I decided to go visit someone who lost her child (sad). I did not know where she resides but I felt obliged to go give my condolence to her. I stopped a bike man, told him how I didn’t know where I was going but I’d ask as we move along, and then go to my work place. He agreed. I prayed silently for direction.
Suddenly I said, pull over here I want to ask that lady if she knows the woman! I greeted and asked her, please do you know Mrs X’s house? She said, it’s this one and she called for her mum! I was dazed, so was the bike man.
There and then I exclaimed, you are the Way Maker! Who can beat that?!
I could not but share this because I know someone needs to be encouraged.


It’s the last month of the year and you’ve probably zeroed your mind that you’ll do better next year in your planning. You now feel you can’t get the direction you need or your request answered?
Believe, God is the Way Maker.
He said, forget the former things . . . I will make a way . . .Isaiah 43: 19.
Have you been walking in desert places? Behold, A way for you!


He’s never late, He is The Way!
The Way Maker will make a way for you before the year runs out.
Just believe.
Happy New Month. . .
Merry Christmas!