What Joy Indeed . . .


As we look forward to the month of March and to celebrating Easter, let us brace up and rejoice in the finished work of our salvation.
It is indeed sad to know that someone came all the way just to be mocked, ridiculed, injured, spanked, beaten, spat on, and killed for our own sin(s) to be wiped off. But it is mind blowing that He went through all of that.

Oh what Joy I have to be forgiven and redeemed back to my Creator and Friend. It is gladdening for anyone who is in Christ now. You can imagine being away from your best friend for so long because you keep hurting him/her and it can no longer be condoned. But you were suddenly forgiven at no cost.
Hmm . . .
Those who haven’t joined the train can still join, the vacancy is TBC (To be Continued). There is no closing date.
God’s hands are always open to receive anyone who is ready.

Come experience the joy that is in Christ Jesus.
Come experience genuine peace.
Come experience satisfaction.

Anticipate Reoccurring Pain during Easter.  .  .
Happy New Month in advance!


4 thoughts on “What Joy Indeed . . .

  1. It’s indeed a great joy to be one with Christ. Not because of anything we did, but for the tremendous love He has for us. I wish all readers the very best of the Easter Season.

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  2. I love this!! It is captivating! I was in the kitchen cooking and just checked my numerous messages on whatsaap but i had to hurriedly open this blog because of the captivating opening.
    I must say that indeed this is a message that melted my heart some years back and im still loving it.
    Thank you Nifesimi

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