It cannot be hidden!


I know it’s been a while and I’m so sorry but guess what? It’s a new month!!!!!
And when I saw that bible verse I knew it’s going to be an awesome month.

Remember that it was in Antioch that the name Christian was given to “us” and it was so because they “saw” Jesus in them.
It was something that could not be kept under or covered. . .

So who do people see? You or Jesus? It will show, it cannot be hidden.
Ye are the light of the world. . . that cannot be hidden. Who is that light? Jesus some say, I agree. So ye are supposed to be the one portraying Jesus to the world. If you ain’t doing so, you have to check it.

This month God is going to be raising available lights for Himself that people will recognise! You wouldn’t have to introduce yourself.
Like my friend said, she was preaching to a cab man and the man said she speaks like a Pastor he knows without the knowledge that she’s a member of the Church he was referring to. Now that’s the Pastor somehow rubbing off on her. It should be same with us and Christ.

Dare to shine this month. People will try to shut you up or down like they did the blind man but SHINE all the more! People may not understand what you are doing but when your good works begin to glory the Father, they will say “he must have been with the Lord”
Remember what happened when Moses came down from the mountain? His face was so radiant they couldn’t look . . . they just knew!


You have to do what God’s calling you to do for Him. It’s the half of the year already. Your goals and aspiration and dreams given to you by God need to be worked on. Proclaim Him. . . Shine on!
No one will deny its radiance when seen. They will just RECOGNISE . . .

Happy New Month!

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