Cause And Effect.

Cause And Effect.

Don’t look at her!
But why?
Because I don’t want you to look at her.
Tell me why. Don’t just look.
Tell me the reason. I have my reason, don’t just look! Period!
Can anyone relate?

This happened between a mother and her 6 or 7 years old son.
I secretly smiled where I sat when the young boy demanded for a reason not to look. I was however disappointed when his mum yelled and said, I have my reason, don’t just look!
Who says the boy doesn’t have his reason(s) for looking?

Myles Munroe in one of his numerous books said, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.
Our Lord Jesus whom we are striving to be like always told his followers then the “cause and the effect” of whatever counsel or advise He gave.
Check Deuteronomy 28, John 15: 1- 17. . .If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. But if you turn . . . Isaiah 1: 19-20.
Many of us parents, teachers, leaders, etc., tend to give instructions and expect them to be followed without saying the consequences of yielding or not.

The truth is when people know the consequences of their action they tend to reason well before choosing. Even though some still choose wrongly, we would have done well by spelling out the pros and cons           

Gone are the days when we were “indoctrinated” not counselled as it were. . .
We need to start educating people about the Word of God, their health, goals, and even morals. I am of the opinion that people will choose rightly if they know the consequences of their action and if they know they are responsible for their deeds.

Parents desire to help their kids grow avoiding the mistakes they made without telling them what led to their mistake.
They act as dictators and bodyguards. . .believe me, they’ll surely try out what you commanded them not to do in your absence.
Children, nowadays are extremely curious, inquisitive, creative, and innovative. . .Bless them. …


So, tell them and let them choose, don’t command or try to choose for them.
Jesus won’t do that . . .He is a good Shepherd that guards/guides but leaves us to our choices. . .expecting us to choose Life though #wink

Choose today who you want to be, a dictator or a good shepherd.

Protect our kids: Whooping cough.

Protect our kids: Whooping cough.

This disease seem too stubborn to leave, it keeps reoccurring. It’s just too persistent I thought when I saw the precautionary message on TV. Whooping cough, a respiratory tract infection derived its name from the sound that’s heard when one with the disease coughs. It is a communicable disease that can be transferred from one person to another. It’s majorly an infant infection caused by a bacterium Bordetella pertussis; it is different from tuberculosis.

Who is at risk?

Children between ages 0 to 5 are at higher risk of whooping cough because there are no visible symptomd and the infection may lead to lung infection, difficulty in breathing, and in some major cases, death in infants. Nevertheless, adults fond of kids or guardian or patients or siblings or care-givers are also vulnerable. Whooping cough can cause pneumonia, weight loss due to continuous vomiting, permanent brain damage, and death if it is in the chronic stage. People whose whopping cough vaccination is worn-out are also at risk.


How does it Spread?

The transfer of the disease occur when an infected person sneezes or coughs and when infected air droplets are released and inhaled.

How does it start?
The scenario starts with a repeated dry and irritating cough that moves into intense bouts of coughing which is followed by a special whooping noise. The cough sometimes may last for 2-3 months; it is also referred to as the 100 days infection in some countries because of the long period of infection. In 2014 worldwide, there were about 139,786 reported cases and about 89,000 estimated deaths.

What are the signs?

Well, they are in stages.
First stage: It starts with a sore throat then occasional coughing and running noise.
Second stage: The whooping sound starts. Burst (paroxysmal) and rapid coughing occurs. The mucus at this stage is thicker than the first stage. The skin of children turn blue and their brain begin to swell and damage due to insufficient oxygen. Some children experience brain seizures and become vulnerable to pneumonia because they are immuno-suppressed. Vomiting occurs at night and the burst of cough occurs more. This stage last for up to 6 weeks and might last for 10 weeks.
Third Stage: The burst of cough reduces gradually but doesn’t stop because of some infections.

How do I protect yourself?

Get immunised! Infants and children under age 5 should get vaccinated. Pregnant women should also get vaccinated to protect their unborn and new born. If you are close to an infant person, you can take antibiotics prescribed by a physician to protect yourself against the infection.

What if I get infected?

Once you notice any of those symptoms above, seek medical attention immediately. Sputum or nasal swab will be collected, cultured, and viewed under the microscope to confirm if the person is truly infected with Bordetella pertussis.
If infection is in the early stage, an antibiotic will be prescribed (It will only stop the bacterium from spreading).
Do not smoke or use air sprays.
Drink a lot of water to avoid being drained.
Use a cool mist vaporiser to loosen mucus and soothe the respiratory tracts.
Infected persons may also be isolated in the hospital to avoid transmission of infection to other people.


Whooping cough is not a friendly disease and it is easily contagious.
Little children and new born are highly at risk and must be vaccinated for protection in order to reduce death rate.
Try as much as you can to cover your mouth with a clean handkerchief when sneezing or coughing. Mothers should be sensitive to their children’s health and once any symptom is noticed, seek medical advice at once. Do not self – medicate so that the bacterium will not become resistant to antibiotics. Some bacteria unlike Bordetella pertussis are a part of our human system.
Let us protect our young ones against this harmful infection. They are our future.
We must safeguard the health of our future ones.

Kick Against Whooping Cough!

Download this for your kids:

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Dark generation

Dark generation

One evening while walking with a friend to my abode, I had to cross the road to the other side. In the process of crossing, a child (a boy of about 8 years of age) walked past me with a bag of grocery on his right hand and a busy left hand as well. He held onto his stick of cigar.

With astonishment written all over my face I asked my friend, Was that real? Did you see that?

I have always known teenagers to indulge in the act of smoking but not children. I was dazed and sad at the same time. I became down in my spirit for the generation we are raising; they are fast becoming our “dark hope”. Kids who are supposed to grow to be useful to themselves and the society are becoming hostile and restless. How is the world supposed to become a better place if kids are robbed of their potentials due to smoking and its consequences?

About 23% of children between 11 and 16 try to smoke and 4% of them actually smoke regularly. This might seem small a number but the truth is the number increases everyday. These children are exposed very early in life that it becomes an habit they are unable to or find difficult to stop. Many parents smoke without reflecting on the risk they expose their little ones to (NB: you do not have to sit them down and lecture them). Some kids who do not smoke become passive smokers which is becoming worse than smoking for children; they are open to respiratory diseases and cancer which is not fair on their part.

I am very sure we have a knowledge of what smoking can do and I will not highlight them here. If you are not check here. Stop being selfish, when you want to smoke, stop and think! Ask yourself, what am I gaining from this? Happiness? How long does it last? Who am I affecting? Do I want to die smoking? Even though you do not care about others show some concern for your offsprings. Children grow to become young adults and then adults. Likewise smoking children grow to become smoking adults and the cycle continues leaving a dark generation. All dark-heart!

So many factors contribute to smoking but do not allow the short-term pleasure lead you to a long-term debt. Smokers are liable to die young so says the media but it seems not to be helping because it is still being manufactured and people seem not to be dying young. Do not be decieved, the repercussion is not immediate it is progressive. Therefore, take the bull by the horn today, if the production of cigas will not be stopped, the economy keeps rising, and down times keep surfacing, you decide to fight! Many desire to stop smoking but cannot help it that is why this has been written. Seek help from NHS and other smoke-free services, do not be ashamed, it is ok to want to quit. It makes you a strong and better parent and person, see how this woman stopped smoking for her son’s sake. Do not switch to shisha and e-cigarette, they are all the same. Please decide not to prolong the dark genealogy, decide to stop the cancer and smoking-related disease trail, decide to protect your lineage.

Protect our leaders of tomorrow

Leave a lasting legacy                           photo-2-1

Stay informed!