I ran out of oil . . .

I ran out of oil . . .

Two friends set out on the same business separately and got called to meet with a dealer in a very far place away from their home. The idea was whoever got there first gets the deal.
So these two started preparing for the journey. Iyke and Dave decided to visit the mechanic’s workshop separately again; they concentrated solely on the outter body parts of their cars.
Then the day to set out came, Iyke was sure he would get to the dealer before Dave. He said, my car is faster than yours, I have been driving for too long a time, and I know all the “short routes”. Dave who started driving only two years ago doubted himself but was optimistic.

As they set out, Iyke was as fast as the wind, Dave went slowly.
Suddenly, Dave got informed that he had not checked his oil level so he decided to get that done before he gets too far into the journey. Iyke laughed at him when he was told and said, “you see, I don’t use cheap cars like yours, nothing can go wrong with the oil level of mine, see you at the top!”

After Dave finished with lubrication, he set out again but this time, faster because he felt he had lost so much time but the car was now fit.
10 minutes to the location of the dealer, Iyke had to stop as the brake of his car began to fail him and the engine shut down.
Yes you guessed right . . .
Dave met him there, overtook him, got to the dealer, and got the deal signed.
Iyke cried bitterly saying, I RAN OUT OF OIL!!!

Oil is an essential item for any automobile. It lubricates and keeps the engine going.
Iyke like so many people in this Christian race are overconfident and feel self sufficient. Rather than remove the log of wood in their eyes first they are busy removing pegs from others. They intimidate and oppress the so called “baby” Christians according to their definition rather than keep looking up to Jesus for strength for the race.


Dave knew he could only rely on God and His Word for the race and that kept him moving till he got the prize.

Friends, keep knowing and studying and doing the Word. Don’t become too familiar with it that you feel you know it all.
We’re in the same race but we cannot run it the same way.
So don’t become judgemental; many judgemental Christians will be dazed on Judgement Day especially when they see people they do not expect to see in heaven.


Don’t be like Iyke and Dave who thought the outward appearance is all that matters, the heart is the most essential part that interest God. When you forget the oil and you’re reminded, do something about it like Dave, the signs are always there.
Don’t hate or forsake correction.
Examine yourself daily to see if you are still on track. Keep oiling the heart as everything that is seen originates from there.
Guard your heart diligently with God’s Word.

It’s not how fast but how well that matters. Don’t run out of oil like the Five (5) foolish virgins. . .
Keep oiling your lamp, keep it burning.
Don’t be sorry when the Bridegroom comes. . . He will definitely come though He tarries. . .
While you wait, watch!


It cannot be hidden!


I know it’s been a while and I’m so sorry but guess what? It’s a new month!!!!!
And when I saw that bible verse I knew it’s going to be an awesome month.

Remember that it was in Antioch that the name Christian was given to “us” and it was so because they “saw” Jesus in them.
It was something that could not be kept under or covered. . .

So who do people see? You or Jesus? It will show, it cannot be hidden.
Ye are the light of the world. . . that cannot be hidden. Who is that light? Jesus some say, I agree. So ye are supposed to be the one portraying Jesus to the world. If you ain’t doing so, you have to check it.

This month God is going to be raising available lights for Himself that people will recognise! You wouldn’t have to introduce yourself.
Like my friend said, she was preaching to a cab man and the man said she speaks like a Pastor he knows without the knowledge that she’s a member of the Church he was referring to. Now that’s the Pastor somehow rubbing off on her. It should be same with us and Christ.

Dare to shine this month. People will try to shut you up or down like they did the blind man but SHINE all the more! People may not understand what you are doing but when your good works begin to glory the Father, they will say “he must have been with the Lord”
Remember what happened when Moses came down from the mountain? His face was so radiant they couldn’t look . . . they just knew!


You have to do what God’s calling you to do for Him. It’s the half of the year already. Your goals and aspiration and dreams given to you by God need to be worked on. Proclaim Him. . . Shine on!
No one will deny its radiance when seen. They will just RECOGNISE . . .

Happy New Month!

A Bear? Fight!

A Bear? Fight!

I recently saw a movie, it’s about how a man sojourned in the forest due to war and ended up “trying” to take revenge over the death of his wife and son (he eventually allowed God to handle it).

The scene of interest is where he fought with a bear. . . . Oh my God.
It was a terrible experience, the bear broke his bones, tore his flesh, and left him half dead. But guess what? The man did not give up. He faced the bear lying down with a knife and stabbed it to death! He was laid down by the bear but still killed it uhhhhh!

I was immediately reminded of David (the shepherd boy). He killed a bear as well as a lion. You want to tell me he wasn’t injured those days? Well, it wasn’t recorded but I’m seeing it from the angle of him being injured. He fought and was alive to tell the story hmmm. . . no one did that for him. He pressed on and won! A bear is very heavy (750kg, 1650Ib) and I can imagine it pouncing and standing on someone . .   oh dear . . .

Sometimes life’s challenges can pounce on and weigh us down like the bear but we have to fight to finish. No one should tell the story for us. It’s sad how some people fought for their country’s democracy and never witnessed what they fought for.

We must know that the price and glory ahead of us cannot be compared to the present challenge(s) that we face or the ones that we will face.
We must be persistent in our fight.
We have to fight in this our Christian race.
We have to fight for our dreams.
We have to fight against corruption and the devil’s lies.
We have to fight against fear and all odds.
We have to fight against everything limiting us.
We have to stand for the truth.

Now who says the bear (challenges) won’t hurt you? It might but You won’t just give in . . . tell yourself it’s too late to give up.
We are hedged in (pressed) on every side [troubled and oppressed in every way], but not cramped or crushed; we suffer embarrassments and are perplexed and unable to find a way out, but not driven to despair; We are pursued (persecuted and hard driven), but not deserted [to stand alone]; we are struck down to the ground, but never struck out and destroyed;
2 Corinthians 4:8-9 AMP

Let Faith rise up within you. . . He rewards only those who are diligent (pressing) in their faith.
And stand up to WHATEVER your challenge(s) may be because faithful is He who has promised . . . I will not leave you neither will I forsake you. . .

We must be able to say like Paul “I have fought the good (worthy, honourable, and noble) fight, I have finished the race, I have kept (firmly held) the faith.
2 Timothy 4:7AMP”

Keep pressing . . .
Have a persistent faith.
Keep fighting. . .
Keep winning!

Reoccurring Pain

We discussed how Jesus’ death and resurrection brought about joy to mankind in What Joy Indeed and while writing on that, Reoccurring Pain dropped on my mind.

Let’s examine this: Tony and Tina got married after being friends for a while. Tina cheated on Tony before they got married. She stole one of her “client’s” money and was to spend sometime in prison but Tony went in her place. Tony overlooked it because he loved her, she also apologised, and promised not to go into such habit again. But to Tony’s surprise, she continued secretly a year after their marriage thinking he will not be aware and she keeps apologising. Every time Tony hears about her atrocities, he bleeds. He cannot condone her attitude but does not want to divorce her because he loves her deeply.
She keeps making his wound fresh . . .

This is what most of us do to God (Jesus).
He was pierced by the side, beaten, mocked, spat on, and killed for our sake. Yet many still remind and make Him feel the pain He went through thousands of years ago. They make the memory feel like yesterday in His heart.
Do you have a scar on your body? Are you aware of the incident that brought about the scar? If you experienced it yourself then you can tell the story as it happened.
Ask someone who lost their loved one in a ghastly motor accident how it feels when they see another person in such situation. The memory rushes in like it’s fresh. . .

In the same way, many of us make all the troubles Jesus went through for our salvation seem useless. We make Him pained when we do anything contrary to His will. Some “it does not matter” kind of attitude that we portray nail Him to the cross again.
Committing sins is not the issue here but deliberately and repeatedly committing those sins is heartbreaking. The Bible says “shall we continue in sin and ask that grace continue?” Romans 6:1 No!

It’s another time to reflect on the death and victorious resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As you do this, don’t just feel bad, praise, and continue with life but work/walk in the consciousness of His finished work.
He desires a “holy people” (1 Peter 2: 9) every time not only during Easter.
Don’t be a seasonal Christian, be a Full-time Christian.
Stop causing Him pain with your bad habits. You know all that He said that are the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-20), don’t exhibit them.
Strive to know Him daily Philippians 3: 10. Live your daily lives as pleasing to the Lord Romans 12: 1-2.

Happy Easter! ! !

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Onto Jesus ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Onto Jesus ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

All my inequity,
all of my sin
God put it all
all onto Him.

Onto Jesus,
God set my soul
so by His stripes
I’d be made whole.

Every unkind word,
evil thought or look
onto the cross
Jesus obediently took.

The lusts of my mind,
the deceit in my heart
onto Jesus’ own heart
God did impart.

Onto Jesus,
God placed my strife
then for my sins . . .
He gave up His life!


1 Peter 2:24

“Who his own self bare our sins
in his own body on the tree,
that we, being dead to sins,
should live unto righteousness:
by whose stripes ye were healed.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2016
Deborah Ann Belka

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