The Specialist. . .

It’s been a while since I came here my dear friends. I did not want to rush it this year but something I must share came up today.

If you remember I wrote on  Dyslexia sometimes ago. A girl I know inspired that write up.
The girl was like a major worry for everyone; people have tried and given up. Imagine a 5 year old girl in a class of 3 year olds unable to talk or write well. . .
I tried as well, I was enthusiastic at first but later I started getting weary when nothing was forthcoming. Sometimes, I’ll just let her write when it was convenient for me.

I had fasted and prayed for her, I have tried all I knew but no improvement. . . I got frustrated at some point that I suggested that the girl be referred to a specialist.
Alas, the Specialist showed up today!
I decided to hold her hand to write today and then I noticed she wanted to write herself. I almost hesitated saying to myself that she just want to scribble. But then I gave her a chance, I said circle . . and stroke (alphabet a) and there you go! She wrote herself! I couldn’t hold it up I was moved to tears at what God alone did.

So tell me what’s that situation that has lingered for so long that you’re now beginning to get tired of or that you’re at the verge of giving up? Please don’t even think about it. It may be delayed but it cannot be cut short. The Specialist is still available, the One who changes situation when and however He pleases without notice; the One who can diagnose our conditions more than we can. The One who sees and knows all things. The Owner of time and chance. Our Help in ages past, Our Ever present Help. He still does work.

He spoke to me about this passage yesterday, “Jesus said to her, Did I not tell you and promise you that if you would believe and rely on Me, you will see the glory of God? John 11:40 AMP”

imageI didn’t understand it until today wow! You’ve just got to believe and trust Him to do whatever He has promised.
It’s getting frustrating you may say, my dear, press a little further, take another step, do it again, apply again. . .Keep on going like the clock, please don’t give in or up.

imageIt’s another month so keep holding on, keeping praising, keeping trusting. . . it will not tarry, it will come.

Happy New Month!

Rock of Gibraltar


Hi everyone,
I couldn’t wait to get back to you all.
These past 5 days has been incredible; I lost my phone. Initially, i was okay with the fact that my phone was missing  i thought someone will be generous to return it but after two days of expectation, I gave up.

I was worried about people contacting me plus I was to be interviewed via phone call. I was like Oh God! What is all this?
Truth is, I trusted God, I decided to enjoy the very small phone my mum “borrowed” me #wink
You know it wasn’t easy for me as a lot has been going on with me lately but those words “Trust me” kept me going.

Guess what? I managed to get my interview done and expected a response. God did it! I was given a “massive phone” like i call it and i excelled on the same day! I was overwhelmed that I said dear Lord you are magnificent!
God is indeed reliable and dependable. He is a huge rock that one can sleep on with both eyes closed.
Just like we trust the pilot to fly us to our destination, we fasten our belts without asking if the plane is OK, we must learn to trust God recklessly.

Trust our Rock of Gibraltar today, He stands sure, He has never failed before, and He never will!

God be with you.