Reoccurring Pain

We discussed how Jesus’ death and resurrection brought about joy to mankind in What Joy Indeed and while writing on that, Reoccurring Pain dropped on my mind.

Let’s examine this: Tony and Tina got married after being friends for a while. Tina cheated on Tony before they got married. She stole one of her “client’s” money and was to spend sometime in prison but Tony went in her place. Tony overlooked it because he loved her, she also apologised, and promised not to go into such habit again. But to Tony’s surprise, she continued secretly a year after their marriage thinking he will not be aware and she keeps apologising. Every time Tony hears about her atrocities, he bleeds. He cannot condone her attitude but does not want to divorce her because he loves her deeply.
She keeps making his wound fresh . . .

This is what most of us do to God (Jesus).
He was pierced by the side, beaten, mocked, spat on, and killed for our sake. Yet many still remind and make Him feel the pain He went through thousands of years ago. They make the memory feel like yesterday in His heart.
Do you have a scar on your body? Are you aware of the incident that brought about the scar? If you experienced it yourself then you can tell the story as it happened.
Ask someone who lost their loved one in a ghastly motor accident how it feels when they see another person in such situation. The memory rushes in like it’s fresh. . .

In the same way, many of us make all the troubles Jesus went through for our salvation seem useless. We make Him pained when we do anything contrary to His will. Some “it does not matter” kind of attitude that we portray nail Him to the cross again.
Committing sins is not the issue here but deliberately and repeatedly committing those sins is heartbreaking. The Bible says “shall we continue in sin and ask that grace continue?” Romans 6:1 No!

It’s another time to reflect on the death and victorious resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As you do this, don’t just feel bad, praise, and continue with life but work/walk in the consciousness of His finished work.
He desires a “holy people” (1 Peter 2: 9) every time not only during Easter.
Don’t be a seasonal Christian, be a Full-time Christian.
Stop causing Him pain with your bad habits. You know all that He said that are the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-20), don’t exhibit them.
Strive to know Him daily Philippians 3: 10. Live your daily lives as pleasing to the Lord Romans 12: 1-2.

Happy Easter! ! !

See Spiritual Vacation from Sharonee’s blog also.


2 thoughts on “Reoccurring Pain

  1. I think we are either Christians full time or we aren’t Christian at all but the difference isn’t always apparent. Times of adversity make the distinction more clear. I think we are entering a period in history when nominal Christianity will cease.

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    1. Exactly dear. Jesus said we should either be hot or cold, no lukewarmness. . . He’ll spit such out. Thank you for your contribution. I particularly like the “we are either Christians full time or we aren’t Christians at all”.

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