Happy Thanksgiving!



There are a lot of things to be thankful for.
Recently, some people gathered together to thank God for the successful completion of their Christmas decoration and I was like really?!
Later this morning I thought about it deeply and I concluded that their thanksgiving was worth it.
Some climbed, some made use of sharp objects, used electrical appliances, did the planning, etc but there were NO casualties.
Isn’t that enough to thank God?

I asked God to please fix me, build my confidence, trust, and love this year. Honestly, even though I still struggle with the trust issue, He has been working on me.
It was tough at the beginning of the year for me but believe me I’m wiser, stronger, and better!
Was out of employment for a while but I’ve been provided for without having to beg.
I enjoy what I do now but I know He’s taking me to somewhere greater . . . I’m grateful.
Many have been my afflictions but God sorted them out!
Although I’m still expecting a lot from God, I’m grateful for all He’s done so far. 


Words cannot express how much I appreciate Him for my friends and family members.
There have been graduations, promotions, wedding ceremonies, child naming, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, change of jobs, including challenges, name it. . .
God has been good!

It’s that time of the year again when we thank God together so feel free to dig up reasons to be thankful and share with us here. . .

A grateful He will make fat. . .
Be thankful!

Just in time. . . .

Oh! You’ve been made to start from the scratch. . . .what a humble beginning, God will take you to greater heights!
Those were the words from my friend when I discussed an issue with him.
I was encouraged by his prayers, nonetheless, i was not satisfied.
Back at home I began to reminisce and soliloquise . . . I was like God what are you trying to do or teach me? I was almost crying when this scripture dropped in my spirit
Jeremiah 29:11


Not long after that, another came to mind and I became elated. I said, He’s just on time! He keeps to time, He knows the times, in fact, He owns the time! He’s such a loving friend. Our refuge . . .a very present help . . . Psalm 46:1


Where are you now?
Do you feel you are not where you ought to be?
Did you set goals at the beginning of the year and you’ve not accomplished any despite your hard work?
What are the things making you feel so downcast?
Why not lend a leaf from David the Psalmist? . . .but David encouraged himself in the Lord . .  . 1Samuel 30:6.
He knew God’s love and plan for him. He loved, held on, and trusted Him. . .

Why not trust the One who in His compassion deemed it fit to take you to where you are currently and can also decide to take you beyond here and now?

Lean on Him.
God be with you!
Merry Xmas in advance!

Joy on the Ragged Edge

Joy on the Ragged Edge


Tired thoughts; scattered dust drifting in the air;

Denied a refuge from life’s ragged edge;

White knuckled in the now; possibilities nowhere!

Time’s pounding beat battering sledge;

Constant pain; relentless torturer doesn’t care!

Relationship split by prideful wedge;

Everyone’s looking for something! Life isn’t fair!

Confusion leaves truth on sanity’s edge;

Stress and exhaustion coupled; an untenable pair;

Life on the horizontal, without any hedge!

No purpose or hope; I want to pull out my hair!

Past isn’t pretty! Bury sins; Don’t dredge!

Ignore deep damage; but baste the outer tear;

Feigning courage as I totter on the ledge!

Don’t look below! Now, come down from there!

Look up! I Am here! Wisdom, Knowledge!

Faith! The vertical perspective! Delivering prayer!

Jesus is my refuge from the ragged edge;

He is my joy; He lovingly mends my every care;

By Grace He removed sin’s dividing wedge,

At the cross, vertical met…

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She is just too slow! (Dyslexia)

I recently came across a beautiful highly-spirited, rough, sometimes annoying but fun to watch child who does not just do well academically. She loves to sing around the class, play with other kids, and eat but when it is time to write, she gets exhausted. She cannot even hold her pencil firmly not to talk of identifying the position where she has been instructed to write.
Because I am quite familiar with the condition, I knew it was dyslexia because I had seen the movie “Like Stars on Earth” an Indian movie. I couldn’t watch her parents spend so much money and the school raising their hope unnecessarily. So I had to take an action by educating all concerned and advocating for the kid.

There are a lot of myths about dyslexia; some teachers see these victims as stupid, dull, lazy, not serious or as having a eye defect.
National Health Service UK defines dyslexia as a common learning difficult which suggests that it is not restricted to kids alone or about a child being dull.
It is a lifelong problem but can be managed. Many have had dyslexia before but have survived it.
It is important that we try to understand everyone especially kids as this article concerns them. Every child has the right to learn, read, and have fun regardless of their conditions. Many of these dyslexic kids are gifted in other aspects aside writing and calculating.

Lack of adequate information or education about dyslexia has dashed and is still dashing the dreams of some “bright” affected kids.
Please be informed and inform others, do the little you can by advocating for dyslexic children when necessary.
Parents must pay close attention to their kids and also stop comparing them. Teachers must try their best to be patient with every of their pupil or student (especially dyslexic kids) and if their condition gets out of their control, they must refer them for proper care.

Let us join hands together to help raise up dyslexic children.
Let’s help ascertain the future of our tomorrow leaders!

Watch “Enitan” on YouTube

Watch “Like Stars on Earth” on YouTube

You can volunteer or donate at any nongovernmental or nonprofit organization for dyslexia so as to help raise and improve awareness.

Education is key for excellence!

Good news for Nigerians on NGO for dyslexia

Missionary Eyes ~

Joseph saw with those eyes (missionary eyes) even while he was in prison. He had the passion to always want to help; he could even sense it when the cupbearer and the baker were sad. What an amazing man! Lord help me to see beyond me and to be like you, desiring that all men should be saved.
Jesus with the full knowledge that He was going to die still went about doing good. Oh Lord Burn in me! Give me those eyes of yours I pray thee.
Thank you.
Are you sensitive enough?
How well is your light shining?

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Light Shine ~ CHRISTian poety by deborah ann

Lord, help me to see,
with missionary eyes
so I may observe . . .
other’s heartfelt cries.

Let me bring hope,
to someone today
by showing to them
the Life and the Way.

Let my inspire,
just one, if You will
how they can learn
to wait and be still.

Send someone to me,
who feels all alone
so I may show them
the way to the throne.

Give me a chance,
to help carry a load
so someone’s burden
I can help unload.

Lord, give to me,
missionary eyes
let me be the light  . . .
to the heart that cries!


Matthew 5:16

“Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

King James Version
by Public Domain

Copyright 2015
Deborah ANn Belka

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Look to Jesus!

Look to Jesus!

He is My righteousness . . . He’s all that I can ever desire to be . . . Gaze at Him


Don’t look at me! Look at Him!

Don’t you see the things I’ve done?

He rescued me from the tribulation,

That I caused myself by sinful actions;

He had power, the right, to leave me dead,

But He lifted me and gave me life instead!

Don’t look at me! Look at Him!

Jesus is alive in me! He is my righteousness!

By His Spirit, He is freeing me from the sting

That corrupted and from God I was separated;

Walking dead headed for an eternal grave,

Good for nothing but burning! Nothing to save;

Don’t look at me! Look at Him!

Jesus lives in me; He is transforming me;

Translating me from death to eternal life;

And someday, I will awake with His likeness!

But I will never be Him; I will still be me;

That’s why I desperately need Him, you see?

Don’t look at me! Look at Him!

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