Faith or Guess?

Seat partner:  Oh there isn’t traffic at all by this time wow! I’m surprised and impressed.
Me:  It’s an answer to my prayer, I said.
Seat partner:  I hope it continues this way till we get to our homes.
Me: Amen.

After some miles . . .

Seat partner:  It’s like the answer to your prayer did not affect this place.
Me:  Ehrrrm. . . I’m sure God is working on it.
Seat partner: Wow! I love that . . . your faith.

After some more miles.  . .

Me:  He sorted it out.
Seat partner: That’s why I didn’t say anything #smiles
N.B: The seat partner is a non-believer.

The above conversation occurred while I was in transit some days ago heading home.
After I became on my own in another bus, I thought there was traffic due to the slow movement of the bus so, for some seconds I said “God please don’t allow this traffic”. Then I remembered that I told someone earlier that God will work on it till we got home. Suddenly, I became challenged in my spirit, was it really faith then or you guessed?

Many at times we do guess-work rather than exercise faith. Our God is very interesting that He sometimes allow us have our way so that we think our “faith” really worked. Instead of solely depending on God without an iota of doubt in us, we guess and expect things to happen.

This is just a reminder that we must truly remain faithful to and dependent on God . . . hope unswervingly (1 Corinthians 13: 13 MSG).

Remember the story of the man who told Jesus, I believe Lord, help my unbelief? He must have heard about Jesus’s ability to heal people and that he could heal his son as well but wasn’t too sure. That’s the way some of us including myself behave. We’ve heard stories of people getting blessed or healed by God even people close to us. We might even be strong enough to believe God on behalf of others. However when it comes to our own challenges, we find it difficult to believe and begin to guess. . .Will He do it?  God might or If God decides to well. . . If God chooses to have mercy on me well. . .
Hmm, I’m not displacing God’s will but I’m emphasising continuous and firm faith in Him. Some of us have the gift of encouragement for others but it goes into recess when we need it ourselves.
Let faith arise in you today; whatever He says He will do He will definitely do it. It might seem  delayed or like He hasn’t answered your numerous previously asked requests.
Believe me, He is working on it!
Be deliberate about your faith in Him, it could help someone’s faith as well.
Ask for Grace when you feel weak.
We cannot win life’s challenges without God by our side.

Why not totally trust in/depend on Him today and see what He will do?

One of Those Days ~

Having those days? Just Praise!

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Shake Yourself Free ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann ~

Ever have,
one of those days . . .
you know the kind I mean
when you feel in a haze?

Nothing goes right,
from when you awaken
you feel heavily loaded
burdened and down laden.

Ever have,
one of those days . . .
where by the hour
you feel in a daze?

No matter what you do,
your bubble gets burst
everything goes . . .
from bad to worse.

Ever have,
one of those days . . .
well you can shake free of them
by giving God your praise!


Acts 16:25-27

“And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed,
and sang praises unto God:
and the prisoners heard them.

And suddenly there was a great earthquake,
so that the foundations of the prison were shaken:
and immediately all the doors were opened,
and every one’s bands were loosed.”

King James Version
by Public Domain

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Adding To Your Faith

Adding To Your Faith

These are very important gadgets that one must add to one’s journey as a Christian. Faith works hand-in-hand with all of them, so add them as well.

Unashamed of Jesus

And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue. 2 Peter 1:5

Being a Christian is a journey, yes your sins are forgiven when you accept Jesus, but then comes the transformation period. If you truly want to understand God you must seek him, in order to maintain a relationship you must talk to him thru prayer. During this time as your relationship grows your wisdom of God grows also.

Virtue means having high moral standards or being righteous. So believing and accepting Jesus is the first step but then we must live like Jesus also.

and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; 2 Peter 1:6

Knowledge means to acquire skills thru experience, so when you begin to live with virtue you begin to understand Gods purpose and plan for you. You understand life is a random act or occurrences but there’s a…

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The Golden Rule.

I went to process my driver’s license some days ago. Although I had all that was required of me and even passed the test, I had a little assistance from a family friend who happens to be working at the licensing office (she was only guiding me through). I did not feel bad about the assistance she was rendering to me until it almost got bad.
At  some point, people were being attended to due to their association with workers  so others got upset and roared. I silently prayed in my heart saying “God please I don’t want to be a part of this, do something”. I’ve always been an advocate of due process and no corruption. As far as I am concerned, when someone somewhere who came in late is attended to before others who got there earlier before, it is corruption.
After I said that prayer, the woman in charge decided to follow due process; she suggested that people be attended to as they came.  I was very excited when this happened. Deep down within me I confirmed again that God listens to even the silent prayers of His children. Every one committed to Him, He tries to keep off from hurting Him. . .Amazing!


Corruption is everywhere and very enticing. Anyone that cannot restrain him/herself will be a victim. Taking advantage of situations or people is unfair. You have an appointment and cannot stand a long queue? then go early. You can even refuse being assisted unduely at the expense of others; people will call you names but stand, it’s better. Don’t because of your relationship with whoever is in charge decide to walk in anytime thereby cheating others. Do not confuse corruption or favoritism with favour decieving yourself.
Do unto others what you expect them to do to you . . .
As lights, we must show people how things are supposed to be done not join them in unjust acts.
Don’t see corruption as it being only “up there” among leaders or highly placed people or in financial issues, it also exist in the little things that we do.
Refuse to be a part of it!


It marvels me when some people say “It’s my nature, that’s me”. I’m like why take pride in something destructive and bad?
God gets angry some say . . . yes He does but He does not get angry for too long, at everything, very easily, or a without purpose. I truly feel sorry seeing people with anger issue. Many have because of little things destroyed their marriage, children, friends, job, and even their destiny.

I once heard of a couple who found it hard to agree on things. The wife always snapped at the husband at every little thing. This particular day, something happened and the husband requested that she apologised but she refused. The issue got worse that they were at the verge of divorce so they decided to visit a minister for counselling. When the wife was asked she said, this and that happened and my husband said I should say “sorry” but I wouldn’t because he is the one to say “sorry”. The husband was also asked and he said the same thing. The counsellor then asked how many people they’ve told their issue to and it’s amazing to know they’ve told more than 20 people. The counsellor, embarrassed at their “foolishness” asked, do you know how many times you’ve said “sorry” while telling your story to me not to talk of to others? Oh! that sorted it peeps. They realised how foolish they were and reconciled.


Foolishness is honestly everywhere now. Many flare up like wild-fire over little things and they lay blame on their “nature” when God has given us authority over everything including anger. I know it is not easy but Rome was not built in a day, you have to make conscious effort to eradicate it.

Some even glory in their foolishness. They say things like “I didn’t take it easy on her, I gave it to her straight away”, “You should know me by now i don’t take nonsense, I am easily angered and that’s me”, “I can’t help but talk, I must not be taken for a ride”, “I’m no fool, I act immediately” Imagine?
I’ve heard of parents scolding their kids out of anger and the aftermath wasn’t good at all. Husbands out of anger beating up their wives, wives killing their husbands, children killing their parents, siblings killing one another, employees losing their jobs, people missing their contracts/jobs, beautiful relationships distorted, wars breaking out, people paying unexpected fine, etc all borne out of anger.
Please who’s paying for all the damage?
Why look stupid during arguments when you can calmly resolve issues?

You have the power over your emotions, over anger, so work on yourself. Don’t leverage on your weakness. In our weakness God is our strength and you can do ALL things including curbing and subduing your anger through Christ Jesus that strengthens you!

So, are you a fool?

Protect our kids: Whooping cough.

Protect our kids: Whooping cough.

This disease seem too stubborn to leave, it keeps reoccurring. It’s just too persistent I thought when I saw the precautionary message on TV. Whooping cough, a respiratory tract infection derived its name from the sound that’s heard when one with the disease coughs. It is a communicable disease that can be transferred from one person to another. It’s majorly an infant infection caused by a bacterium Bordetella pertussis; it is different from tuberculosis.

Who is at risk?

Children between ages 0 to 5 are at higher risk of whooping cough because there are no visible symptomd and the infection may lead to lung infection, difficulty in breathing, and in some major cases, death in infants. Nevertheless, adults fond of kids or guardian or patients or siblings or care-givers are also vulnerable. Whooping cough can cause pneumonia, weight loss due to continuous vomiting, permanent brain damage, and death if it is in the chronic stage. People whose whopping cough vaccination is worn-out are also at risk.


How does it Spread?

The transfer of the disease occur when an infected person sneezes or coughs and when infected air droplets are released and inhaled.

How does it start?
The scenario starts with a repeated dry and irritating cough that moves into intense bouts of coughing which is followed by a special whooping noise. The cough sometimes may last for 2-3 months; it is also referred to as the 100 days infection in some countries because of the long period of infection. In 2014 worldwide, there were about 139,786 reported cases and about 89,000 estimated deaths.

What are the signs?

Well, they are in stages.
First stage: It starts with a sore throat then occasional coughing and running noise.
Second stage: The whooping sound starts. Burst (paroxysmal) and rapid coughing occurs. The mucus at this stage is thicker than the first stage. The skin of children turn blue and their brain begin to swell and damage due to insufficient oxygen. Some children experience brain seizures and become vulnerable to pneumonia because they are immuno-suppressed. Vomiting occurs at night and the burst of cough occurs more. This stage last for up to 6 weeks and might last for 10 weeks.
Third Stage: The burst of cough reduces gradually but doesn’t stop because of some infections.

How do I protect yourself?

Get immunised! Infants and children under age 5 should get vaccinated. Pregnant women should also get vaccinated to protect their unborn and new born. If you are close to an infant person, you can take antibiotics prescribed by a physician to protect yourself against the infection.

What if I get infected?

Once you notice any of those symptoms above, seek medical attention immediately. Sputum or nasal swab will be collected, cultured, and viewed under the microscope to confirm if the person is truly infected with Bordetella pertussis.
If infection is in the early stage, an antibiotic will be prescribed (It will only stop the bacterium from spreading).
Do not smoke or use air sprays.
Drink a lot of water to avoid being drained.
Use a cool mist vaporiser to loosen mucus and soothe the respiratory tracts.
Infected persons may also be isolated in the hospital to avoid transmission of infection to other people.


Whooping cough is not a friendly disease and it is easily contagious.
Little children and new born are highly at risk and must be vaccinated for protection in order to reduce death rate.
Try as much as you can to cover your mouth with a clean handkerchief when sneezing or coughing. Mothers should be sensitive to their children’s health and once any symptom is noticed, seek medical advice at once. Do not self – medicate so that the bacterium will not become resistant to antibiotics. Some bacteria unlike Bordetella pertussis are a part of our human system.
Let us protect our young ones against this harmful infection. They are our future.
We must safeguard the health of our future ones.

Kick Against Whooping Cough!

Download this for your kids:

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Irony of Life

I was just looking around and I realised that too many things happen that are ironical.
Someone finishes with a First Class or Second Class Upper honours and is still in the “job-hunting” business or have to settle for a meagre job. Those with the other type of grades are either changing jobs or choosing which one to accept. Some people have the financial capability but cannot produce a child of their own while those in the low and middle socio – economic class are busy “rearing”children. Some very well-to-do people are struggling with one illness or the other. Some faithful people got married late and are still battling with child birth.
Lovely and amazing people die at young ages while the “interesting” and “troublemakers” tend to live longer. The wicked are set free and the righteous judged unjustly. A nation with so much  Oil and Gas to even spare to other nations is deficient of what they produce, how is that?

Hmm . . . . The question now is, is God unaware  of all these happenings? No is the answer. Then why? That I wouldn’t like to dwell so much on because even some people in the bible days had their share. . . Their reward was given though which is the good part.
Where I am going is, no matter your state whether in the privileged or “injustice” side, continue to do what is right. It always pay off. It has always paid off. Whatever your hand find to do . . . Do it with all your might.

I see people mismanaging their “opportunities” because they had it without a single struggle. Be wise!
You’ve got kids? Treat them well, remember some are still looking for and will be grateful with even a disabled one. You’ve got a job? Do your best to keep it and help others. You’re in a leadership position? For God’s sake lead well and justly, Be kind and thoughtful of others. Remember all you have was given. You are unique with all of your abilities and weaknesses as well but if you refuse to use them rightly, it could be taken away.

So whatever side of the coin you’re in today, do your best to be the best. The irony of Life shouldn’t weigh you down or “puff” you up. It should only challenge you, it doesn’t last for a long time. . . Don’t wallow in your low state and expect things to happen, don’t also get carried away with your luxury and expect no reward. . . The irony of Life always come knocking.
Be wise!

Say it!!

Say it!!

Be encouraged!

Lanre Fatokun's Blog

 I sat back one day and thoughts began to flow.
When my brother was preparing for National Service after the university, I used to say jokingly that he would go to serve at the farthest place possible: Maiduguri! It happened.
When he was preparing to wed, seniors used to tease me that I would also be on the floor, prostrated to ask for the hand of his wife in marriage. I used to say jokingly that I would be in suit. Hence, I would stretch out my hand for a shake and won’t be able to lie flat on the floor. When the time came, I had exams  in the university. I finished a paper on the Friday and raced back across 80 km to attend the traditional ceremony. I was in shirt and trousers, coming from an exam! When my dad saw me, he called…

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It’s like perfume when slightly sprayed, it diffuses and fill up the room with its fragrance.
It is like tradition/culture once accepted by two or three, it becomes a norm.
It is like smoking or drinking once tasted, addiction is a probability.
It is like music once launched and loved, it goes viral.
It’s like a seed once planted and nourished, it germinates into a big tree. . .

It is also like Wickedness! Once taken “on board”, it becomes an attitude and uneasy to let go. It does not start in a day, it’s a gradual process. It does not always come in a bad form, it is always coated like cakes.

It grows and is passed on.
Adults act wickedly nowadays without the thought of its ripple effect on young ones. Well, they have their decisions to make some may say but who’s their teacher? Marriages/Homes are wrecking, leaders careless, employers are hard-hearted, racisim increasing, poverty on the rise, churches are separating, etc, all these are born out of wickedness you know? Youung ones today behave in like manner making reference to their predecessors. . .I thought everyone understood this phrase “Like father like son”, why then pass on a disaster?
Wickedness is waiting to explode; it is forceful and destructive. Like whirlwind, wickedness is sweeping off lovely and good hearts away from our communities and the world at large. Love is diminishing,  hatred unknowingly, is the order of the day causing a lot of the killings we now experience. The heart of a man is “desperately” wicked who can know it?


One good thing I’ll say about wickedness is that it seeks permission before it comes in. You may ask how? Well, choice! We are faced with so many choices everyday: good and bad.
Why not then consider the cost of the harm a wicked heart can cause and choose good?
Why not choose peace rather than war?
Why not choose love rather than hate?
Why not agree than conflict?
Why not accept than disregard?
Why not join than separate?

Check your heart today, check your motive.
Give love, Embrace love, and Share it; It will cost you nothing but peace.
Give hope to our generation and the next after us.

Think on this . .


Humble now thyself . . .
One minister of God while preaching shared his experience. One day before he was to minister at a program, he was introduced. With so much excitement, the host minister began to eulogise this man. He said things like, please welcome this anointed man who has healed the sick, raised the dead, etc. Surprised, the guest minister stylishly carried his bible, went out of the church,  started his car engine, and left. He said ‘I’ll never share God’s glory, I’ll not take all the glory’ and that’s it.
Amazing right? I think so as well. No matter your position today, humble yourself and let God lift you up! He own you and gave all that you claim to have. He’s the lifter up of our head.
Be blessed!